New website day!

Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! Willkommen!

Those of you who were familiar with my previous company, RMLocke Tutoring, will know that I have re-branded into Eduprosper Tuition. I am pleased to launch my revamped site, to reflect the change in company name and company structure. 

Amongst all the demands of being a Director of a Limited Company, I will endeavour to find time to write the occasional blog post; however, the purpose of this particular post is simply to give you a warm ‘welcome’ (in all of the languages corresponding to the subjects we offer, of course!) 

One new feature within the revamped site is our “Masterclasses” page, where parents can book their child(ren) directly onto a one-off or regular group Masterclass session. 

I am also pleased to introduce Mark Sutherland and Rick Staunton. Mark was already working for RMLocke Tutoring (my previous business name), and Rick joined us quite close to the point of switching to Eduprosper Tuition. Both tutors bring with them a wealth of experience and – just as importantly – a contagious enthusiasm for their subejcts. You can learn more about them here

That leaves me just to say that I hope you like my new site. I would also like to thank my good friend Matt for his help with my website and re-branding. 

Sending best wishes to you all,