Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions

Eduprosper Tuition is currently operating as an online-only tutoring business. This is because our tutors are not all based in the same location and we also do not have a business premises.

There is no fixed hourly rate. This is because our hourly rate is based on the following factors:

  • The level being taught at (e.g. KS3 versus A-level).
  • How many students are in the given tuition group (group sessions are cheaper than one-to-one sessions, of course). 
  • The tutor who you have selected/been assigned (as freelance tutors agree their own rates with the company, based on their experience). 

Please contact us at info@eduprosper.com for further details or to get a tailored quote. 

At Eduprosper Tuition, we pride ourselves on offering the most honest, reliable service to our clients. The answer to this question is, as you might expect, no. The client pays Eduprosper Tuition an agreed hourly fee. Eduprosper Tuition then allocates the tutor's "hourly rate", per session, out of this total hourly fee. The difference between the total hourly fee and the tutor's hourly rate remains with the company, for the reasons explained below. This is standard practice within tutoring companies operating as 'Employment Businesses'. 

The management of Eduprosper Tuition are responsible for finding suitable freelance tutors to work under their Employment Business' umbrella (note that Eduprosper Tuition operate as an 'Employment Business', in line with EAS legislation, so do not employ any of their tutors; see the latest amendment to the legislation, from 2019, here). The management of Eduprosper Tuition  arrange all tuition sessions for their freelance tutors - communicating directly with the client (the student's parent or the client directly, if the client is over 18 and not in secondary education), dealing with cancellations and changes et cetera. For the freelance tutor, the opportunity to offer tuition via a reputable company's umbrella offers many advantages, such as them not having to find their own work (under this company), the fact that they are recommended to the client by the company, et cetera. Therefore, Eduprosper Tuition, as a Limited Company, take a fee per tuition session to compensate for offering these services. 

When Eduprosper Tuition start working with a new freelance tutor, we agree an hourly rate for the tutor which we deem fair, based on their experience. Of course, tutors who hold a PGCE and/or QTS can set their rates higher than those who do not; however, some tutors without a PGCE/QTS may have a higher-level degree or experience in the independent sector (where a PGCE is not required). This is why there is not a "one price fits all" approach.

Group sessions work differently (see the Masterclasses section of our website for details). We invoice the client for one-to-one sessions during the final week of the calendar month (in arrears). The only exception to this is the Trial Lesson, which is usually payable on the same day as the session takes place. Payment should be made via bank transfer or Stripe, depending on the service/location of the client.